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What is the Massage Gun?

The Massage Gun is a professional grade percussive therapy device ideal to aid in the recovery of athletes, therapists and anyone else who suffer from injuries or muscle aches.

Why use a massage gun?

Vibration and percussion help bypass the body’s pain signals and provide a deep massage, which in turn reduces muscle and joint pain, improves mobility and relieves muscle fatigue and soreness, recovering faster as a result.

When to use a Massage Gun?

Use the Massage Gun before physical activity to warm-up, during and after to recover faster and stay pain free.

What are the benefits of a massage gun?

Massage has been proven time and time again to be an extremely beneficial modality for not only overall general wellness, but for numerous other health conditions too. There really is no shortage of scientific studies conducted to show that various forms of massage are helpful for a wide variety of ailments, including DOMS, fatigue, stress, any many others.

Some potential benefits of a massage gun include:

Improved range of motion
Increase in athletic performance
Enhanced mental clarity
Increased blood circulation
Decrease in back / muscular pain
More restful sleep
Decreases stress and anxiety
Improved muscle recovery after an intense workout
Boosts your immune system
Increases energy level

How often to use a massage gun?

how often to use a massage gun will largely depend on the individual. Using a massage gun can be a wonderful thing. Not only will it help with muscle recovery, but for most people it just plain feels good.

However, it’s important to remember that by using a massage gun, you are physically introducing micro-traumas to the body. Some percussion/vibration has been shown to be very effective for things like DOMS. Too much and you’re likely to make the problem worse.

Here are some general guidelines on how often or how much to use a massage gun:

Muscle Activation- 30 Seconds: Before a workout or activity, target your muscles with the massage gun for up to 30 seconds to activate the muscles and nerve fibers.
Muscle Re-Activation- 15 Seconds: Mid-workout and feeling a little tired? Muscles starting to fatigue or spasm? Give them a little boost with another 15 second session.
Recovery and Pain Relief- 2 Minutes: Post workout or when DOMS set in, you can safely use your massage gun for up to 2 minutes on each muscle group. This process can be repeated throughout the day with at least 1-2 hours rest in between.
If you’re new to massage guns, assess your tolerance by using the massage gun no more than once a day.

Made for professional and personal use, the Massage Gun is a sure investment towards your body, to be implemented in your daily recovery routine.

Suitable for the crown

It is suitable for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, office workers and the elderly.

1. Do not impact joints
2. Don't stay in the same location for too long
3. Please refer to the instruction manual and schematic diagram for proper use.
4. Please turn off the power at the bottom in time after use.
5. If there is an error, it is because the protection device is activated, please restart it.